The Following 3 Steps Will Help With Your Next Plumbing Permit

The one thing you don’t want to cut corners with either at home or at work is your plumbing. When you want to use a toilet, you want to make sure it works and doesn’t need to get repaired every week. When you want to take a hot shower, you should just be able to do it as and when required.

One important step in making sure your plumbing works reliably is making sure the right people are on the job. A certified, experienced Sun Prairie plumber is essential in making sure your plumbing work is done right. But you may also require a plumbing permit, and if you’re not sure when to get it, or how it’s used, we’ll explain it all in three easy steps.

1 - Find Out If You Need It

“whenpermitf”A plumbing permit is official documentation handed out by the city that gives you permission to do plumbing work. But you don’t actually need it for every single plumbing job.

If your Sun Prairie plumber is doing something that is strictly a repair job, such as clearing out a blocked drainage pipe because something improper got flushed down the toilet, there’s no need for a permit.

If, however, you are doing a much bigger job, such as investing in a major home renovation that will be adding new bathrooms to certain floors of the home, you are making fundamental alterations to the existing plumbing of the home. In the case of very large jobs with much bigger scope, you’ll need to have a plumbing permit on hand before you can start the work.

2 - Fill Out The Application

“permitprotectionf”As you may have already guessed, you can’t get a plumbing permit without first getting something approved. That means that you need to fill out an application, submit that, and have the city look at it. Once the city has seen the work request you have, they will issue your permit.

Your permit, however, does more than just give your Sun Prairie plumber permission to work. It’s a valuable document for you to keep, and it’s also now a part of the city records that indicates the work you ‘re about to do is registered, legal, and still covered by your home insurance.

If you decide to do major plumbing work without a permit, you may invalidate your home insurance, and you may even have trouble selling the home at a later date. All it takes is one home inspector from potential buyers to check your home and realize it has an illegal addition that you’re trying to sell without disclosure to complicate your home selling endeavor.

3 - Paying The Fee

“howmuchcostf”Once you know that you’ll be needing a plumbing permit, and you’ve filled out and submitted your application, there’s still the matter of the fee. With an experienced Sun Prairie plumber, you’ll often be informed well beforehand how much this fee will be, and it might even be rolled into your total plumbing charges.

However, if you want to do the research on your own just go to the Sun Prairie website and look for the building permits. Under the plumbing section, you can find a fee schedule for just how much different jobs cost, as the fee varies depending on the task.

In this way, your Sun Prairie, WI plumbing will always be done right! Get a good plumber to work on the job and make sure your plumbing permit is secured if you need one!