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When you operate your air conditioner or heater, particularly when it’s excessively humid outside, that moisture can find its way into your home. For homeowners in or around Sun Prairie, you know how a humid home can become stuffy, and in some situations, musty. The best way to combat the humidity is with an AC dehumidifier. A dehumidifier measures the air in your home and functions to eliminate excess moisture when detected. At Cardinal Heating & Air Conditioning we help customers with dehumidifier installation and repair services, which can help keep your home comfortable all year long.

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We Also Provide Whole House Humidifiers

Excess humidity can be a problem, but excess dry air is just as bad. It might not lead to mold growth or water stains, but lack of humidity can cause all manner of health issues. Living with overly dry air can cause the following problems:

  • Unhealthy skin
  • Irritated sinuses
  • Excessive snoring
  • Dry throat

When it comes to home comfort and health, balance is key. If you notice your home’s air is too dry, it might be time to invest in a whole house humidifier!

How Do Dehumidifiers Work?

Like your air conditioner, dehumidifiers come with a type of thermostat attached. These gauges work to measure the amount of moisture in your home. When moisture reaches a certain level, the air is drawn into your dehumidifier, which then processes it and removes any excess moisture. It’s similar to the way your air conditioner evaporator coils cool air, except it targets the humidity directly, keeping the air inside your home cool and comfortable.

4 Signs You Home Suffers from Excess Humidity

If you’re unclear whether or not you’re dealing with excess moisture in your home, some telltale signs to look for include:

  • Water Stains: A large reason why humidifiers are so important, is because humidity translates into water damage. If you see stains on your walls or ceilings, particularly when your air conditioner is running, then you have a problem.
  • Air Quality Problems: Allergy sufferers understand how moisture can flare up their symptoms. With excess moisture in the air, bacteria and pollens can take root, causing respiratory issues in the home.
  • Musty Smells: As a homeowner, the last thing you want is for your home to smell musty. Excess humidity will do that however, making specific areas in your home suffer from foul odors.
  • Mold Growth: Probably the most dangerous side effect of humidity is mold growth. Anytime mold takes root in your home, it not only damaged your property, but also it can have serious health repercussions for you and your family.

If any of these issues sound familiar, the time for a dehumidifier installation is now. With an air conditioner dehumidifier in place, you can rest easy knowing that the unit is working automatically to mitigate the amount of moisture in your home.

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