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Fitchburg residents know how important it is to have a properly functioning furnace during the cold winter months. The qualified experts at Cardinal Heating & Air Conditioning understand the needs of Fitchburg residents. We offer fast, mess-free heating and cooling services so that you never have to be uncomfortable in your own home. Let us keep your heating and cooling systems working at their best year round!

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What to Expect from a Furnace Tune Up

Furnace tune ups and maintenance may not be at the top of your priorities list until it’s too late and your heater is no longer working. That is why it’s so important to perform regular heater tune up and maintenance on your home’s heating system. Although there are a lot of heating and air conditioning contractors out there, trust Cardinal Heating & Air Conditioning to perform your furnace replacement, furnace repair, and furnace installation.

Preventative maintenance can extend the life of your home’s furnace and prevent big repairs. Many manufacturer’s warranties require you to have an annual tune-up or risk losing your warranty. Inspecting your home’s air filters and changing them every 30-90 days is an important step in keeping your furnace working. After a tune up from our professionals, you will experience improved function leading to higher efficiency and lower energy costs. Your HVAC system will last longer if you conduct regular tune-ups, making it so that you get the most out of your furnace system.

How to Maintain Your Air Conditioning System

Many heating and cooling companies are afraid to tell you that you can perform some AC tune ups and maintenance at home on your own. While we believe that regular maintenance should be scheduled with one of our plumbing professionals, here are some preventative maintenance steps you can take to keep your system running at its best:

  • Change your AC filters every 30-90 days. Clogged filters reduce airflow and lower your air conditioning system’s efficiency.
  • Have your AC coils inspected and cleaned regularly. The coils in your AC system become caked with dust and dirt which reduces their ability to absorb heat.
  • Make sure the aluminum fins on your AC are not bent or obstructed.

If you’re experiencing frequent AC malfunctions or your system is not performing to your satisfaction, you may be in need of AC repair or replacement. Give us a call and we will come out and conduct an inspection. We are experts when it comes to air conditioning installation and repairs.

Having your furnace or air conditioning unit malfunction or break when you need it most can be a disaster. Luckily, you have Cardinal Heating & Air Conditioning on your team. We are dedicated to providing you with quality customer service and our repairs are always tailored and personalized to fit your specific needs and budget.

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