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Signs of a Broken AC To Look For Before Summer Hits

The Top Signs That AC Repair Is Needed Before Summer Hits

Summer marks the season of hot days at the pool with cool glasses of lemonade. There's nothing worse than walking inside from a hot afternoon to a broken or aged air conditioner. That's why it is so important for homeowners to know the different signs to look for that their AC needs repair. Of course, it is best to notice these signs before summer even hits. Now is the perfect time for homeowners to professionally maintain their air conditioner to prepare it for the season ahead. 

Still, though, breakdowns can happen anytime. Below is more information so homeowners aren't stuck with a hot house in the summertime!

hot air

Hot Air and Low Air Flow

When an air conditioner blows out hot air, this is typically the first noticed sign that the AC needs repairs. After a long winter, it is common for air conditioners to need some form of maintenance or repair. That is why it is always recommended to have maintenance done in the spring, so homeowners aren't stuck with a broken air conditioner when the weather gets hot. 

However, this isn't the only sign of a broken air conditioner. Low airflow is also a common sign that there are some problems within the unit. If the homeowner feels as though their home isn't cooling down as fast as it used to, this is a Telltale sign, but there are some underlying issues. When these things occur, the homeowner should call in a professional. The professional will be able to inspect the unit and has everything fixed accordingly and efficiently. 

Signs of Leaking

Leaking is another sign that the air conditioner is having some problems. However, this sign isn't as easily noticed because the air conditioning unit is placed outside. So, the homeowner will have to go outside and check the unit themselves periodically. Doing so will ensure that if there is a leak, the problem gets eradicated immediately.

The most common sign of a leak in the air conditioner will appear just around the outside of the unit. There may also be leaking happening within the unit, but this likely goes unnoticed most of the time. That said, leaking can lead to other signs, including:

  • Low airflow 
  • The air conditioner not turning on 
  • Strange odors surrounding the air conditioner 
  • The smell of freon in the home 

Hearing Strange Noises?noises

Similarly to when plumbing pipes are clogged, a broken or compromised air conditioner can also lead to strange noises being heard in the home. The same strange noises could come from the unit itself as well. There could be metal pieces banging around within the unit if there is a broken piece somewhere, or the unit could make loud noises every time it tries to turn on. 

If the sound has anything to do with the air conditioner, the homeowner should call a professional. All of the above-stated signs can lead to serious and expensive repair bills if they are not caught early enough. It is always best to have the AC unit professionally maintained every spring to ensure that it is ready for the season ahead.

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