Green your home

Green Your Home and Avoid Getting Pinched

3 Tips To Make a Home More Green

St. Patrick isn’t known for being the patron saint of energy-efficiency. He is, however, known for wearing green. As the seasons begin to change and the green starts to return to the landscape, St. Patrick’s Day is a good reminder of another kind of green, namely being environmentally-friendly. 

When it comes to becoming a better steward of the environment, there are many actions that a person can take. One of the areas where greening up a home will help the most is how it uses electrical power. This St. Patrick’s Day, homeowners can take advice from local Sun Prairie electricians about how to make a home greener. 

Natural Lighting

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Solar power is one of the fastest-growing energy sectors. However, few people realize how easily available solar power is to the average homeowner. No, it doesn’t involve mounting expensive solar panels or buying battery backups. It simply involves opening the curtains. 

Opening the curtains and letting in natural light is the original solar power! There’s no need for lamps or overhead lighting during the day when homeowners can let in natural light. Some of the other benefits of natural lighting are:

  • Free energy!
  • Passive heating 
  • Better ambiance
  • Vitamin D production
  • Better regulation of sleep cycles

Energy-Efficient Appliances

Appliances account for much of the energy usage around a home, so it only makes sense that installing energy-efficient appliances can not only help. Energy savings are everywhere when it comes to appliances. Water heaters are a great place to start. Up to 10% of a home’s energy bill can come from an inefficient water heater. Upgrading a water heater, or even just washing clothes in cold water, can lead to big savings and greater enjoyment of its hot water capabilities. 

Another great way to green a home is by upgrading HVAC systems. HVAC accounts for around a quarter of a home’s energy budget. By upgrading to efficient electric heat pumps or high-efficiency models, homeowners can save money and protect the environment. 

Unplug Unused Electronics

One of the easiest ways to save on energy costs and go green is to unplug unused electronics. Most electronics, like computers and TVs, keep drawing a small amount of power on standby. This is called a “vampire load” because it slowly sucks up energy. Vampire loads can account for as much as 20% of a home’s electricity bill. 


While it may seem tedious to run around unplugging unused electronics, there are simpler alternatives. Power strips are a great way to manage vampire loads easily. For example, putting a computer and all of its hardware on a power strip can keep it from drawing power. 

Another great example is bundling home theater equipment onto a power strip. With a power strip, all energy vampires can be turned off by the flick of a switch when they are not in use. Additionally, this will help protect them from power surges as well. 

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