Green Energy

The "Green" Energy Questions Homeowners Have

Learn About Green Energy, Just in Time for St. Patrick's Day!

St. Patrick's Day is a fun and traditional holiday filled with vibrant green colors and pinching. Homeowners ready to celebrate this big day should be just as excited to participate in 'green' appliances, renewable energy, green and clean energy, and alternative energy sources!

The 'green' that residents can earn on this holiday is money! What homeowner doesn't want to conserve energy and save money on their home? Instead of pinching families, homeowners will be pinching their savings in excitement.

What Are Common Types of Renewable Energy?renewable energy

Renewable energy sources are becoming more popular, and it is understandable why! They can save homeowners hundreds of dollars each year and are a long-term investment worth the risk.

Green energy comes in many forms, including solar, wind, hydroelectric, and geothermal. However, the most commonly used sustainable energy sources are solar, wind, and hydroelectric.

Solar energy works by charging a small or large battery with the sunlight. This energy is clean and can be stored for long periods. It is still being researched and developed today, but residents will be an improvement with each year! 

Wind energy utilizes wind turbines. This is only suitable for residents living in windy states and cities. The wind pushes the turbines, which then power a generator that one can use to power even more things! Hydroelectric energy is just as interesting since it uses the rush of water to push motors to create an energy source!

benefitsWhat Are the Benefits of Green and Clean Energy?

There are so many benefits to using green and clean energy that, surprisingly, not all homeowners are taking advantage of this clean energy! For example, there are monetary incentives. The government in some states will provide funding to families looking to use solar or wind energy in their homes.

Also, since the electricity comes from sustainable and natural resources, the cost is really low! Homeowners don't have to be afraid of large energy bills. Instead, one can likely cut the bills in half!

What Is the Best Kind of Alternative Energy?

Usually, residents use solar energy! However, it is important to understand that every family and household is different. Not everyone lives in a sunny area with enough warmth and sunlight to power a solar-powered battery.

Solar power is better for those living in warm states and cities where sunshine beats the cloudy overcast sky! Wind power is best in areas with more wind. These tend to be the midwestern states! The hard thing about wind power is how large the turbines have to work. It takes more energy and installation to make this type of energy plausible. There are also more states and research that uses solar energy.

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Green your home

Green Your Home and Avoid Getting Pinched

3 Tips To Make a Home More Green

St. Patrick isn’t known for being the patron saint of energy-efficiency. He is, however, known for wearing green. As the seasons begin to change and the green starts to return to the landscape, St. Patrick’s Day is a good reminder of another kind of green, namely being environmentally-friendly. 

When it comes to becoming a better steward of the environment, there are many actions that a person can take. One of the areas where greening up a home will help the most is how it uses electrical power. This St. Patrick’s Day, homeowners can take advice from local Sun Prairie electricians about how to make a home greener. 

Natural Lighting

woman at the window

Solar power is one of the fastest-growing energy sectors. However, few people realize how easily available solar power is to the average homeowner. No, it doesn’t involve mounting expensive solar panels or buying battery backups. It simply involves opening the curtains. 

Opening the curtains and letting in natural light is the original solar power! There’s no need for lamps or overhead lighting during the day when homeowners can let in natural light. Some of the other benefits of natural lighting are:

  • Free energy!
  • Passive heating 
  • Better ambiance
  • Vitamin D production
  • Better regulation of sleep cycles

Energy-Efficient Appliances

Appliances account for much of the energy usage around a home, so it only makes sense that installing energy-efficient appliances can not only help. Energy savings are everywhere when it comes to appliances. Water heaters are a great place to start. Up to 10% of a home’s energy bill can come from an inefficient water heater. Upgrading a water heater, or even just washing clothes in cold water, can lead to big savings and greater enjoyment of its hot water capabilities. 

Another great way to green a home is by upgrading HVAC systems. HVAC accounts for around a quarter of a home’s energy budget. By upgrading to efficient electric heat pumps or high-efficiency models, homeowners can save money and protect the environment. 

Unplug Unused Electronics

One of the easiest ways to save on energy costs and go green is to unplug unused electronics. Most electronics, like computers and TVs, keep drawing a small amount of power on standby. This is called a “vampire load” because it slowly sucks up energy. Vampire loads can account for as much as 20% of a home’s electricity bill. 


While it may seem tedious to run around unplugging unused electronics, there are simpler alternatives. Power strips are a great way to manage vampire loads easily. For example, putting a computer and all of its hardware on a power strip can keep it from drawing power. 

Another great example is bundling home theater equipment onto a power strip. With a power strip, all energy vampires can be turned off by the flick of a switch when they are not in use. Additionally, this will help protect them from power surges as well. 

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Stay home eco friendly

Stay Green While Saving Green With Eco-Friendly Holiday Lights

Why Choose Eco-Friendly Holiday Lights?

The holidays are a time of joy and celebration. A time of reconnecting with loved ones and enjoying the glittery displays of holiday lights. But the holiday light bonanza comes with the cost of huge electricity consumption and heaps of trash. The more electricity you consume, the more toxic fumes are released into the environment, but staying eco-friendly doesn’t mean having to miss out on holiday lights and decorations this season.

There are countless eco-friendly holiday lights that will spark joy while leaving plenty of green in your bank account for presents. Every year people pull out their electricity-guzzling lights, leaving the looming electric bill and big carbon footprint on your conscience. This year, you can have the best of both worlds by choosing to decorate with some of these festive eco-friendly holiday lights that help your wallet while going easy on the environment.

Add Eco-Friendly Holiday Magic With LED Indoor Lights

led indoor lightsLove colorfully festive string lights lining your windows and doors? Look for multicolor LED holiday lights to add some cheer. Prefer the mesmerizing dance of shimmer lights on your holiday tree? Look for twinkle LED indoor lights that add holiday magic to your living room.

Want the warm golden glow of traditional holiday lights lining your fireplace mantle? Look for warm white LED lights to set the mood.

Not only do they consume 70-95% less electricity than traditional holiday lights, but they last 40-50 times longer and more strings can be strung together on one electrical outlet without the risk of blowing a fuse.

With the wide variety of LED holiday lights on the market, it’s never been easier to decorate your home for the season while staying eco-friendly while saving money.

Save Green With Solar Powered Lights

Want to step up your eco-friendly holiday decorations another notch? How about holiday lights that don't cost you a dime to power? How about lights that don't even plug into your outlet? Ask and you shall receive! Solar-powered lights are all the rage this holiday season. By harnessing the power of the sun, your outdoor holiday lights can be as eco-friendly as it gets.

solar powered lights

These wondrous holiday decorations function the same as regular lights, except that they come with a small solar panel that soaks up the sunshine as its power source. From solar-powered string and fairy lights lining your windows and doors to solar-powered laser projection lamps creating a festive scene in the yard, your home can radiate holiday cheer without weighing on your conscience or wallet.

Add Variety With LED Candles or Unique Holiday Lights

led candlesLong gone are the days of cold-white LED lights being your only option. Today, there are countless LED lights that will satisfy even the choosiest holiday decorators. Why not add some ambiance to your window sills or mantle with flickering LED candles?

You can even have cool white snowflakes hanging in your windows lending a frosty glow. Or perhaps you prefer warm white LED pre-lit garland that produces a festive golden tone wrapped around your banister. Or line your walkway with LED candy canes. The list of LED holiday light options goes on and on.

It's never been more important to make conscious choices to preserve the planet everyone lives on, but you can put your mind at ease this holiday season. Not only will you be able to enjoy the holiday magic in your home while staying green, but you'll be saving green too.

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