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Backflow Is Scarier Than Any Silver Screen Scream

Understanding the Dire Danger of Backflow 

Murky, strange liquids may be standard Halloween fare for witches and warlocks, but homeowners should beware of tainted water in their home. The contamination of a home's water system often comes from backflow. In this scenario, clean water flows backward in direction for various reasons and pulls dirtied water into the clean water supply. The result is the contamination of the home's water supply with potentially dangerous substances

There are typically two causes of backflow: back-siphonage and backpressure. The well-known suspects of causing backflow troubles are toilets, dishwashers, and hosed faucets, waterline main breaks, flooding, and power loss, to name a few. 

Backflow waters can contain pesticides, chemicals, and sewage that can greatly impact the home's safety and the health of its occupants. It's a dangerous phenomenon that should be addressed by a qualified plumbing expert immediately. Backflow is not a situation to be remedied by a DIYer or handyman for the following reasons. 

Backflow Is a Monstrous Mess To Clean Up

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Most backflow situations arise from plumbing fiascos. Busted pipes, major water main breaks, and waterline flushing are major plumbing events leading to backflow in a home. As backflow occurs, sewage and chemicals will invade the water supply and the surrounding plumbing system if the event is bad enough. 

The average cost to repair a backflow situation runs into the five-figure range and is a time-consuming project that can take months to rectify. The backflow of chemicals can cause the corrosion of pipes and alter the water supply's color, odor, and taste. If sewage contaminates the line, a thorough clean of the system is needed to make the water safe to use. Preventing the backflow is far easier than the nightmare of fixing a backflow event. 

Backflow Is a Major Health Risk

Backflow also poses a significant risk to the health and wellness of a home's occupants. The chemicals, pesticides, and sewage that often seep into a water source during backflow can cause serious illnesses and side effects. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recognizes that backflow can cause the introduction and growth of harmful microorganisms, germs, and mold into a water source, and cause poisoning or water-borne diseases from sewage contamination. Any backflow incident warrants immediate attention to prevent life-threatening situations.

The Value of Backflow Testing

When it comes to protecting the water supply of a building, backflow testing is essential. If a building is at risk for backflow, it becomes all the more important as a proactive step to prevent it. Backflow testing gauges whether a building needs a backflow prevention device installed. If a device is already installed, testing will verify if it is working or needs to be updated. 

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A backflow test can be conducted by a certified plumbing professional. The test will verify if the correct checks and valves are in place to prevent and detect backflow. A plumbing professional can then recommend any updates or changes needed to protect a home from backflow. 

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