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Now Is the Time to Be Grateful for Working Garbage Disposals!

Garbage Disposals Can Be Lifesavers This Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away, meaning the kitchen is about to be a very popular spot. Many homeowners and their families are gearing up for big dinners with friends and extended family - turkey, potatoes, and stuffing galore! Given that the kitchens will be getting a lot of attention, homeowners must make adequate kitchen plumbing preparations.

One of the most critical components of kitchen plumbing are garbage disposals. These can be absolutely lifesaving this Thanksgiving, as they facilitate a ton when it comes to waste disposal, proper functioning of the kitchen sink plumbing, and more. Continue reading to learn all about how garbage disposals are so critical this year.

Preventing Clogged Drainsdrains

Garbage disposals are integral to preventing clogged drains. This will be very important on Thanksgiving, considering that dinner preparations will likely involve a lot of waste or food scraps that homeowners and their families will want to dispose of down their drains. 

Garbage disposals facilitate the breakdown of waste as it enters the kitchen pipes. It does this by mechanically breaking larger waste into smaller waste that more easily moves through the pipes. Homeowners will hear this process because the disposals will hum and grind as they break down the waste. Through this process, garbage disposals lessen the chances of large waste clogging up the drains and leading to horrible, smelly backups.

Be Sure To Do Proper Disposal Maintenance

Homeowners should perform proper maintenance on their garbage disposals to ensure their longevity and work when the important time comes with Thanksgiving. There are some key must-do’s that homeowners should keep in mind to ensure that they achieve this.

For one, they should limit the overall amount of waste that they are putting down their drains. Overwhelming the garbage disposal may lead it to burn out or be less effective. In addition, they should always avoid putting coffee grinds or grease of any type down the drain, as these drastically increase the risk of clogging and subsequent backups. Lastly, homeowners should look for signs of damage and call for garbage disposal services immediately if they detect any issues.

How To Tell When Repairs Are Neededgarbage disposal

Homeowners should be on the lookout for signs that they need garbage disposal repair, and they should be especially aware of this so that they can address any issues before Thanksgiving. Among other signs, these are some of the most common:
  • Foul smells
  • Inability to turn on when initiated
  • Leaks
  • Odd sounds

Homeowners should immediately call for help if they notice any of these signs so that they can get them addressed right away. Professional plumbers will diagnose the issue and help fix it, given their extensive knowledge.

Homeowners should also call professional plumbers if they are simply looking for help with garbage disposal installation, as this will require specialized knowledge. Homeowners should not try to install disposals themselves, and installation should be quick and easy!

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