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New Year, New Heating System in 2022

Install a New Heater This Year!

Heaters are important for homes located in cold regions! As the winter season continues to drop in temperature, revealing snow and ice, heaters are a great addition to a home. This year, homeowners should install a new heater!

When Should Heaters Be Replaced?

Sadly, heaters don't last forever. After a few years and use, heaters begin to fall apart. However, there are some ways homeowners can notice the signs. 

Homeowners should replace heaters using heater replacement services. If there are large leaks or cracks in the heaters, it is time to either replace the heater or contact a heater repair technician. However, homeowners can't repair heaters because of how expensive they are most of the time.

Another sign is if the heat in a home no longer works. If a homeowner is struggling to heat their home, it may be a problem with their heater system. However, the only way to know is to call a heating company to ask for advice. Sometimes, it is a small fix with the thermostat, but it needs to be replaced if it no longer works.

How to Choose the Right Heaterpros cons

With so many choices, it is hard to choose the right heater! Homeowners should start by researching the types of heaters that exist along with the pros and cons of each system.

The most common and popular heating system is a furnace. The furnace works by pushing hot air throughout a home that has ducts to travel with. The ducts are placed in each room, and the system is powered by electricity. Furnaces used to be powered by coal and fire but have changed drastically.

There are also boilers. Instead of using only electricity, boilers use water and heat to create steam, and the steam then travels and brings heat throughout a home. Boilers are rare in the South and mainly found in Northern cold states that need more heat.

Another heater option is heat pumps. These heat pumps do not use ducts to travel around. Instead, the pumps create heat with electricity. The pumps find cool and warm air that is located outside and push it into a home. This uses the least amount of energy but is harder to repair.


Always Maintain New Heater Systems

To decrease the chances of a furnace replacement, homeowners should maintain their new heater systems. All systems require some form of maintenance, or it can be dangerous. During the cold months, having a heat source is important, especially if there is the possibility of a storm.

Not only is it dangerous because the new heater may not work, but because without cleaning and maintenance, dust, dirt, mold, and bugs can get stuck in the filter. The things in the filter get blown back into the air, which can make people feel very sick.

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3 Ways Your Holiday Decorations Can Save You Money This Year!

This Holiday Season, Save Some Gift Money with Energy Efficient Decorations!

Everyone knows the holiday season wouldn’t be complete without all the fun and festive decorations. After all, nothing brings a little holiday cheer to those cold winter nights like the warm glow of dazzling light displays adorning the yards and twinkling out from the windows of houses. 

But there’s another thing that’s sure to bring joy to anyone’s heart - saving money! So this year, why not combine the two? By using the right decorations, homeowners can spread the festive spirit and save a pretty penny on their utility bills all in one go. So keep reading to learn all about the best energy-efficient holiday decorations!

Make the Switch To LED Lights

One big way to cut down on energy costs is to use LED holiday lights. Whether it’s string lights, illuminated inflatables, or any other kind of decorations that involve a light source, LEDs are the way to go. LED (light-emitting diode) lights have numerous advantages over traditional incandescent bulbs, not the least of which is energy efficiency.

According to the U.S. Dept. of Energy, LEDs consume 75% less electricity than incandescent bulbs, at minimum. They also last much, much longer - around 25 times longer - which means homeowners won’t have to buy new ones every year or two. These two factors make LEDs the powerhouse of saving money - but they’re also the ideal choice for electrical safety since they emit very little heat and greatly reduce the risk of overloading a circuit.

Use Battery-Powered DecorationsLEDlights

Another way to save on the energy bill is to opt for battery-operated decorations, particularly for smaller decorations in windows or indoors. Many of today’s battery-powered decorations use LED bulbs designed to be highly efficient, so the batteries can last all season - especially if they run on a programmable timer. 

This ultimately reduces the amount of grid-derived electricity being used in the home. Plus, it’s a great way to use all those old batteries rattling around the kitchen drawer! For an even more eco-friendly option that saves money in the long run, homeowners can get solar-powered holiday lights. With these, there’s no need to buy any replacement batteries!

candlesDecorate With Candles

Finally, if homeowners want to decorate without electricity at all, they can go the old-fashioned route and light some candles. There’s just something heartwarming about the sight of a candle - or candelabra - in the window on a cold winter evening. Having a beautiful arrangement of flickering candles on display can give any home a feel of classic elegance.

And it doesn’t have to be reserved for the windows - any porch or footpath will look festive and inviting with an arrangement of glowing candles, protected from the elements in glass-paned lanterns or sconces. No matter the style of choice, the most important thing when decorating with candles is fire safety - open flames should never be anywhere near flammable materials like curtains or foliage, and one should always extinguish them before leaving or going to bed.

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