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Sewer Pipe Camera Inspection

sewer pipe camera inspection madison wiWhen you’re buying a home, it’s impossible to know what could go wrong. Your inspector can help you out some, but even an inspector can’t see what’s behind your walls, under your roof, or in your pipes.

This is where we can help! We offer a service that lets you see the inside of your sewer line, all the way from the access point in your potential home to where your line meets the city line, near the street. This will let you know exactly what potential problems you face with the sewer in the new home and will give you the information you need to make good decisions about which property to buy in Madison, WI.

How Can You See Inside Your Sewer?

You can see inside your sewer because we will put a camera down it. We have a video camera attached to a long, flexible, metal tube. We will find your sewer access point, which is usually in your basement but can also be in your garage or wherever your utility closet is located.

You are invited, and in fact encouraged, to sit with us as we inspect your sewer. We will provide you with a screen so you can see what the camera sees. We also record the camera’s footage, in case you need to show it to the home’s current owners or need a second opinion.

One of our plumbers in Madison WI will thread the camera through your sewer and explain what we see. You should be able to see if your sewer is clogged or clear, if there are tree roots that might cause problems later, if the sewer is intact, and how well it’s working. We will even flush a toilet and run the sink with the camera on, so you can see how you water is flowing and whether anything we find is causing a problem.

We can also let you know what it will take to fix any of the problems we find. If the repair is easy, we’ll tell you. We’ll also let you know if there are sections of the sewer that need to be replaced entirely, or if you will need to think about having the sewer redone completely.

All of this will help you decide whether or not to purchase the home, and it will also help you negotiate with the current owners. If they are able to see the work that needs to be done, you may be able to convince them to do it before you buy. This could save you money and still let you buy your dream home.

If you want to know the exact state of the sewers in a potential new home, give us a call. Our experts will set up a time to examine those sewers and let you know of any potential hazards or problems that they spot. Then, you will be armed with the data you need as you decide whether to purchase the home, how much you want to offer, and more.