J. Ko

They really saved me last night! At 6p we discovered water in our finished basement. We immediately tried getting rid of the water but We soon discovered that the sump pump had stopped working. I called my local plumber, who I have given tons of work between my commercial buildings and my home, but no response even through the emergency option. I had used Cardinal in the past for an HVAC repair but not for plumbing. I called and to my relief there was a live person who answered after 3 rings. I live over 40 miles away but in a little over an hour the Cardinal service man arrived at my home. He even stayed awhile to make sure that the water was going away. He also fixed another item that I was told that there wasn’t a fix for. I am having them come back to install a more reliable back up system asap. I will continue to use Cardinal for all of my HVAC/plumbing needs.