Sun Prairie Air Handler Services

Expert air handler replacement in Sun Prairie

At Cardinal Heating & Air Conditioning we strive to give our clients everything they need to maximize the comfort in their home. An integral part of your home's comfort is the HVAC system, and an integral part of the HVAC system is the air handler. Without it, you wouldn't be able to enjoy a cool interior in the summer or a warm home in the winter. For most homeowners, identifying the exact problem with their HVAC unit can be a challenge, especially with an intricate system like the air handler. For these reasons we want you to work with us whenever you need repair or replacement solutions for your air handler.

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Why Your Air Handler Doesn't Work Properly

Unless you're a trained technician, it could be hard to determine why your system isn't working as it should. In our experience, we have seen that most air handler problems originate from these causes:

  • Dirty Filters: Although some may think it's common knowledge, not everyone is aware that the air filter has to be changed, and fewer still know that it's on a monthly schedule. Dirty filters can cause a build up of dust and dirt that can result in blocked airways, and may even cause excess debris to flow backwards deeper into your HVAC system, leading to more problems.
  • Blower Motor Malfunction or Failure: The blower is the main engine of your HVAC unit; it's what pushes the air out and through the vents. If this fails, your system is completely shot. Your blower could fail for a myriad of reasons, but an experienced tech can have a better chance of pinpointing the issue and coming up with an effective solution.
  • Blocked Evaporator Coils: After leaving your HVAC system unattended for some time, you could end up with clogged evaporator coils. We have the proper tools and know-how to properly clean the coils – they can be dangerous if touched without protective wear.

4 Benefits of Repairing Your Air Handler

Efficiently cleaning your air handler can gift your with multiple benefits that you'll be able to enjoy, not the least of which is your ability to save money in the long run. Let us repair your system, and you'll be left with these great benefits:

  • A more reliable HVAC system that won't shut down on you
  • A longer-lasting air conditioner
  • Reduction on your monthly bills (your HVAC system won't work as hard after repairs)
  • Fewer repair issues, meaning even more money saved

While most systems can be repaired, some may need replacement altogether. Our technicians are thoroughly trained in the maintenance and installation of multiple brands according to their manufacturer standards. You'll be able to trust that your system won't leave you uncomfortable when you work with the experts at cardinal Heating & Air Conditioning.

Choose Cardinal Heating and Air Conditioning

At Cardinal Heating and Air Conditioning we want two major things to result from you working with us:

1) your HVAC system runs smoother and more efficiently.
2) We keep you as a customer for life.

We know that our claim to fame is our ability to work closely with our clients; providing experienced technical services with respectful customer service that keeps you abreast of everything going on with your service call.

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