Sun Prairie Wiring Repair & Replacement

Need to rewire your home? Call today for expert electrical wiring services!

Is your electrical outdated or are you looking to remodel or renovate your home and need professional wiring services? Cardinal Heating & Air Conditioning performs professional home wiring repair and installation for Sun Prairie, WI homeowners. We are there for you every step of the way and will provide you with electrical for remodeling & renovation. Don’t leave such an important job to just any electrical company, call us now!

Electrical wiring should always be installed by a professional. All of your home’s electronics and appliances depend on a properly wired electrical system. Shoddy installations and replacement can cause extremely dangerous conditions in your home from electrical fires to electrical shocks. Having your home’s electrical wiring up to code is also vital in ensuring you don’t have to spend money on expensive re-wiring and electrical wiring repair.

Are you remodeling and want to spruce up your indoor lighting? We can recessed lighting, track lighting and more!

Why Install New Wiring?

Wiring installation may seem like a tedious and complex job which is why you should always call an expert. Here are some things to consider when deciding whether to install new wiring:

  • Your home is older than 30 years - If your home is older than 30 years, the wiring could be outdated. Wear and tear and exposure to outside elements, pests, and time could mean your wiring needs replacement.
  • Your outlets are stained - Discoloration of your home’s outlets can mean that you are experiencing power surges. These could be a sign of a more dangerous condition including electrical fires.
  • You experience electrical shocks when you touch a cord
  • You have frequent blown fuse or tripped breakers
  • Your home’s lights are frequently flickering
  • Burning smells and sizzling sounds are coming from your cords and outlets
  • You rely on extension cords for power

If you’re experiencing any of these issues, call our technicians to conduct an inspection. We will inspect your home’s electrical and ensure that your home’s system is running safely and efficiently.

Whole house surge protectors prevents your appliances from overloading your home’s electrical system. Call us to learn more!

The Dangers of Old Wiring

Many homes still contain their original or outdated wiring. Like any system in your home, electrical wiring is not meant to last forever! In order to stay current with codes and keep conditions in your home safe, it is important to consider wiring replacement and wiring repair. Trying to use modern appliances with your home’s older electrical system can put strain on it. Electrical wiring malfunctions can lead to electrical malfunctions and dangerous electrical shocks.

DIY wiring can be very dangerous and we always recommend this complex job be completed by professionals. Trying to wire the inside of your home yourself can lead to fatal electrocution or fires that can destroy your property.

The professionals at Cardinal Heating & Air Conditioning have the experience and tools needed to complete home wiring replacement and installation. We understand how important it is to have your home’s electrical system working at its best and we pride ourselves on providing professional customer service. Call us today at (608) 837-9367 to schedule your service.