Breaker Panel Repair & Replacement in Sun Prairie

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Your home is full of appliances that depend on your home’s electrical system working at its best. If your breaker panel can’t support your home’s electricity use, many of the appliances you expect to use in your daily life won’t work. If you need breaker box replacement, call the experts at Cardinal Heating & Air Conditioning!

Breaker Panel Repair & Replacement in Sun Prairie

  • What Should I Do if My Breaker Panel Is Hot?
    A breaker box should never overheat, if your breaker panel is hot to the touch, meaning if you use the back of your finger and it is hot enough that you need to pull away, you should give an electrician a call because your panel or breaker are overloaded or failing.

Why Should I Upgrade My Breaker Panel?

Your breaker box is the essence of your home’s electrical. If your breaker box isn’t functioning properly, it’s very likely your home’s appliances won’t function properly either. Here are some situations in which you should consider breaker replacement.

  • Water Damage - If you have found moisture in your breaker panel or leaking from around your breaker box, call a professional immediately! A water-damaged breaker panel could be dangerous.
  • Improper Installation - If your home’s breaker panel wasn’t installed correctly the first time around, you may be experiencing frequent issues with it.
  • Your Breaker is Old - If your breaker box is old and the parts required for breaker repair are no longer available, it may be time to consider an upgrade.
  • Frequent Power Surges - Frequent power surges may be a sign that your home’s breaker panel can’t keep up with your energy needs.
  • Crackling Sounds - or Weak Running Appliances

Sometimes, an electrical panel upgrade is a necessity. If you’re noticing crackling sounds, rust, corroded wires, or low amp voltage, it’s time for electrical service panel fuse replacement.

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  • Why should I upgrade my electrical panel?
    You should upgrade your electrical panel because there are approximately 51,000 electrical fires every year. This could be due to outdated or overworked electrical panels. Having a panel that can safely and effectively move the currents through your home will not only protect your home, but will also protect your family as well. The lifespan of an electrical panel is roughly 20 to 30 years and the upgrade is a significant investment, but having the right panel will help increase the value of your home especially as we continue to increase the amount of electronics in homes.

What is the Difference Between Fuses & Circuit Breakers?

Fuses and circuit breakers serve a similar purpose. Both of them protect your electrical circuits by preventing electricity overloads that can lead to dangerous shocks or fires. Fuses are made from pieces of metal that melt when overheated so that they no longer work while circuit breakers have internal switch mechanisms that trip when there is an unsafe surge of electricity.

Circuit breakers just need to be flipped back on once they’re tripped while fuses must be replaced. Fuses are more inexpensive and are easily available however, once a fuse is blown it needs to be replaced in order to be used again. Circuit breakers on the other hand, just need to be switched back in order to function again. However, circuit breakers may cost more upfront and may trip for reasons besides electrical surges.

If you’re not sure whether your home uses a fuse panel box or circuit breaker, call our pros. We will let you know if you’re in need of fuse box repair or circuit breaker repair.

Why Choose Us

DIY Electrical work can be dangerous! Our technicians are licensed and background-checked so that you can be comfortable knowing your repairs will be done in a safe and effective manner. We perform a variety of electrical services from fuse box replacement, fuse repair, and electrical panel installation.

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