Sun Prairie Clogged Toilet Repair

Effective clogged toilet repairs in Sun Prairie

When toilets clog up it can be at the least expected time, and more often than not, when someone is visiting. Luckily, while it can sometimes be embarrassing, it’s not the end of the world. Several different methods can be taken in order to repair a clogged toilet, and in some instances, they work. For clogs that cannot be repaired with the simple methods it may be time to call the plumber. At Cardinal Heating & Air Conditioning we offer quality clogged toilet repair services. Even in the worst case scenario, where a new toilet may need to be installed, our staff can help.

Sun Prairie Clogged Toilet Repair

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  • My toilet is running due to high water pressure – what do I do?
    While high water pressure is not a common reason for a running toilet, it is possible. Good water pressure is somewhere in the neighborhood of between 40 and 70 PSI. Anything exceeding the normal range of 80 PSI can cause significant problems with your home plumbing system, making it more susceptible to leaks, water hammering, pipe bursts, and problems with your fixtures. If you suspect that your running toilet may be related to water pressure that's too high, contact Cardinal Heating, Air Conditioning to schedule a plumbing inspection.

When Is a Toilet Clog Repair Needed?

Whenever any of the home methods cannot be used in order to remove a clog, a plumber should be called to properly remove the obstruction. Using harsh chemicals to remove clogs can actually cause more damage than help, which is often a misconception. Particularly dangerous for home with older pipes, a drain cleaner can quickly cause a leak if used too often. Instead, let a plumber provide you with expert clog removal using specialized tools that get to the source of the blockage.

Why Replace the Toilet in Your Home?

When a clog cannot be remedied at all, a new toilet installation may need to be discussed. This will involve removing the toilet from the drain within the wall or floor, and installing a new one in its place. Some other reasons to replace your toilet include:

  • Damaged Plumbing: Clogs can cause severe problems for your pipes. Depending on the cause of the clog, the problem could be deeper than just a blockage. Damaged or deteriorating pipes can be the actual cause for concern, which is why a new toilet with new piping can help.
  • Low Pressure: Besides routine plumbing maintenance, low pressure can be a more serious cause for concern. Sometimes caused by sediment buildup in the pipes leading to your toilet, low flow is a sign of blockages that require professional help.
  • Constant Need of Repairs: If your toilet is constantly clogging, the problem is either what you’re throwing inside, or the toilet itself. A toilet in constant need of repairs can easily be replaced, helping you save money in the long run.
  • Bathroom Remodel: When you perform a bathroom remodel, you want all your fixtures to look new. If your toilet is still from the 80’s, then it may be the perfect opportunity to replace it. Whether you go for something stylish, or with features, our plumbers can help you find the perfect fixture.

If the time comes that you need to replace your toilet, it’s best to rely on professionals for the installation. While the process is not extremely difficult, it’s best for your peace of mind that someone with experience gets it done. Our staff will not only help you choose your toilet, but also we perform installations quickly, so you can enjoy comfort in your bathroom in no time.

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The toilet in your home does not have to be a constant source of embarrassment. With the help of our plumbing contractors you can get effective clogged toilet repairs that actually get to the source of the problem. In addition, we can also help you with installations, which can be a great way to add style to an old bathroom.

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