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Dealing with winter temperatures in and around Sun Prairie can be a drag, especially if you don’t have a quality heating system in place. While furnaces and heaters are common use in many homes, boilers offer similar levels of comfort, without the use of forced air. While boilers do not necessarily “boil water,” any more, they still use steam to heat your home. Instead of heating the air in your home, boilers provide radiant heating, which can actually be more comfortable. Cardinal Heating & Air Conditioning are your reliable boiler contractors. We offer repair, installation, and replacement solutions that work with your budget and home needs.

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5 Common Boiler Repair Issues

Like any heating system in your home, a boiler will require repairs at some point. Some of the more common issues include:

  • Water Leaks: Because boilers use water and steam as a main source for heating, the risk of water leaks are always increased. Whether there is a damaged seal, or a crack in the unit itself, water leaks will always require repair services.
  • Fluctuating Temperatures: You always want your boiler to produce a steady stream of heat. If you find that the temperatures vary in your home, a faulty thermostat or boiler issue may be to blame.
  • High Energy Costs: Boilers are constantly heating water and working to keep your entire property warm. If there is a mechanical issue, the boiler needs to work harder to produce that same amount of heat. This translates into energy spikes, which can cost you significantly on your utilities.
  • Pilot Light is Out: The pilot light is your indication that your boiler is getting a steady stream of natural gas. If the light is out, then that flow is interrupted, and you need immediate inspections for your home.
  • Pressure Loss: Unlike traditional heating system that use a heating element, boilers work on pressure. If there is low pressure, the chance that your home is heated is decreased, and repairs will be needed.

While boilers are great way to heat our home, you will require a boiler service company to keep your system working in top shape. At Cardinal Heating & Air Conditioning we offer quality maintenance and repair solutions that can get your system back up and running when you need it most.

The Benefits of Boiler Replacement

If you have an old boiler wreaking havoc in your home, updating the system is the way to go. Some perks of a boiler replacement include:

  • More energy efficient operation
  • Elimination of constant repairs
  • Quieter operation
  • Increase property value
  • Safer operation

We offer quality installations on all new systems. We can also help you find a boiler that works within your budget, making our cost effective solutions the best in Sun Prairie.

The Cardinal Heating & Air Conditioning Difference

Since opening in 1984, our goal has always been to provide customers with the very best services for their home. In order to accomplish this goal, our technicians are always training and improving to ensure that the services we complete in your home are the best around. We also always back our work with our customers satisfaction guarantee, so you never have to worry about not getting the help you need.

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