Outlet Switch & Installation Services in Sun Prairie

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Receiving a nasty shock when you switch on your lights can be a nuisance and dangerous! Not having functioning power outlets where you need them most can be a huge inconvenience. When you’re in need of electrical switch installation or repair, call the trusted experts at Cardinal Heating & Air Conditioning. We provide high-quality outlet and light switch repair, replacement and upgrades.

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GFCI/AFCI Outlets vs. Standard Outlets

GFCI installation should not be a DIY job! Non-experienced persons can accidentally shock themselves causing pain and damage to your home. GFCI outlets are outlets that prevent accidental electrocution in places like baths, kitchens, laundry rooms, and outdoors where your outlets are exposed to water. GFCI’s automatically shut down the current when it senses a difference in current, for example, a current running through someone’s body. Many building codes now require GFCI outlets to be used.

An AFCI outlet has a similar function. AFCI’s help to prevent electrical fires. They keep electricity from leaking out of damaged or decayed wires than can cause deadly fires. AFCI outlets are also required by code in certain locations of your home. Both outlet types should be installed by a professional in order to make your home safer. We provide GFCI outlet with switch installation and GFCI receptacle service.

Are you experiencing frequent breaker trips in your home? You may be in need of circuit breaker services. Call us to schedule your service today!

  • What are GFCI outlets? Are they important?
    GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter). The function of the GFCI is to protect people from the deadly effects of electric shock that could occur if parts of an electrical appliance or tool become energized due to a ground fault. GFCI outlets prevent serious electric shock and reduce the risk of electrical fire by monitoring electrical current, cutting power or ‘tripping’ when the outlets detect an imbalance or excess current flow down an unintended path. Super-sensitive and with a far faster response time than circuit breakers or fuses.

USB Wall Outlets

Standard two-prong plugs are commonly found in households across the United States. Now, many modern appliances from smartphones to speakers to gaming consoles, are powered through a USB cord. In order to keep up with the times, a USB wall outlet could be a convenient addition to your home.

USB outlets are specifically designed for electronics that access power through USB ports. With your computer, smartphone, and tablet all using USB power, installing a USB outlet can reduce the number of cords and USB adapters you have plugged into your outlets. Although recharging directly from a standard outlet may charge your electronics faster, USB outlets can be a big convenience!

Just like AFCI/GFCI and USB wall outlets, installations, repairs, and replacements should be performed by a professional to reduce your risk of exposure to dangerous electric shocks. Our experienced technicians are licensed & background-checked so you can be sure that all of your repairs and installations will get done right! If you’re not sure which service you may need, or you have questions about your electrical outlets, give us a call!

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