Professional Indoor Lighting Services in Sun Prairie

Cardinal Heating & Air Conditioning provides a variety of indoor lighting services perfect for your next renovation or remodel. Call us!

Are you planning a remodel or renovation of your home and are looking to put on finishing touches such as indoor lighting? At Cardinal Heating & Air Conditioning, we perform ceiling fan installation, dimmer light switch installation, and chandelier installation services. Our lighting services are a great way to customize your home and gain control and customization of the light levels in your home.

Cardinal Heating & Air Conditioning specializes in installing indoor lighting to give your home a personalized touch. Our knowledgeable technicians can perform a professional installation job so that you can be sure your lighting is installed and properly functioning.

Looking to customize your home’s outdoor lighting as well? We can install outdoor security lighting.

  • Are all dimmer switches created equal?
    Dimmer switches are not created equal. Stick with brand name dimmer switches and be aware if the dimmer you are buying is rated for the application you are using it for. Cardinal can help you with this by providing top of the line lutron dimmers.

Why Dimmer Lighting Is Great for You

A dimmer switch is an affordable and easy way to customize your home’s lighting. There are two main types of dimmer switches. Single-pole switches are controlled from a single location with one switch while a three-way switch allows you to control lighting in different rooms using multiple switches.

Dimmer lights have many benefits. Dimmer light switches allow for flexibility for lighting use in each room in your home, they allow you to save on your energy costs thanks to reduced wattage which leads to money savings. Dimmer lights allow you to add ambiance to any room in an instant.

Customizing Your Home with Ceiling Fans & Chandeliers

If you’re looking to customize your home by installing indoor lighting or are in need of ceiling fan repair or chandelier repair, we are your one-stop, full-service lighting contractor. Adding a chandelier to your home can add a personal touch to your home’s lighting. Ceiling fans can be a useful way to install lighting that can double as cooling. Ceiling fan installation and chandelier installation can be a difficult job to do on your own. Forget all of the other lighting installation companies and call the pros to get expert installation the first time around.

LED retrofits are also a great way to upgrade and modernize your home. Many old homes have traditional lighting but LED lighting is more energy efficient, reduces your maintenance costs, and you will notice increased light quality. Whether you’re looking to upgrade to LED lighting, recessed lighting, energy saving lights, or track lighting, we offer expert installations and repairs.

In need of whole-house rewiring for your remodel or renovation? Call us!

Expert Lighting to Meet Your Needs

At Cardinal Heating & Air Conditioning, we make professional installations and repairs of your home’s lighting our number one priority. Here are more indoor lighting services we provide:

  • Basement Lighting
  • Garage Lighting
  • Kitchen Lighting
  • Bathroom Lights
  • Bedroom Lights
  • Living Room Lighting
  • Attic Lighting
  • Recessed Can Lights Installation

Cardinal Heating & Air Conditioning is available to help with light fixture installation, light fixture repair, or low voltage lighting installation. Call us today at 608-470-3876 to schedule your service today!