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We are your trusted Beaver Dam electrical company. Call today and make your home safe and efficient with the help of our skilled electricians.

Every property needs a reliable electrical system to function. When something goes wrong, you need electrical contractors who offer prompt, lasting solutions — and there's no team better than Cardinal Heating & Air Conditioning.

We offer reliable residential electrical services in beaver Dame, WI, and the surrounding area. From electrical outlet repair to fuse box replacement and new wiring, you can trust us to do the job right. Our experts utilize the latest tools and techniques to ensure your safety and satisfaction.

We let our track record speak for itself. Read our reviews and see why many consider us their go-to residential electrician in Dane County.

We Offer Quality Outlet Installations in Beaver Dam

Do you have rooms with no outlets? Maybe you own outdated connections that no longer work correctly? We can install new ones that meet the highest safety standards, including:

  • AFCI outlet installation: The law requires most homes to have these outlets. They detect dangerous arcs in the wiring and shut down the power before a fire starts.
  • GFCI outlet installation: For parts of your property that tend to get wet, like the kitchen and bathroom, you need a GFCI receptacle. They automatically cut power when a short circuit occurs.
  • USB wall outlet installation: How often do you find yourself hunting for a charger? With our USB wall outlet installation, you'll get a dedicated charging station and more outlets to use.

If you have fairly new outlets that exhibit issues like sudden power loss, contact us. Our electrical repair service experts can quickly identify the source of the problem and fix it.

Signs You Need an Electrical Panel Upgrade

How old is your breaker panel? If it's over 30 years old and prone to these issues, you might need a circuit breaker replacement:

  • Flickering lights
  • Devices suddenly lose power
  • A tripping electrical circuit breaker
  • Burning smell near the panel

Contact our Beaver Dam electrical team for a thorough assessment of your situation. You should also consider an electrical panel replacement if you plan on renovating or expanding your property.

Learn more about us and how we went from a small business to a leading contractor in Beaver Dam, WI.

Learn About Our Indoor Lighting Solutions in Dane County

The right lighting is essential to make your home look and feel comfortable. Our electricians can install various fixtures, from energy-efficient LED bulbs to chandeliers.

We also provide recessed lighting installation, wall sconces, and accent lights for your living room or kitchen. Depending on your needs, our Beaver Dam electrical team can set up a system that allows you to control the brightness and color of each bulb with the touch of a button.

Do you need a fuse replacement or circuit breaker installation? Call 608-470-3876 to schedule your service today. We at Cardinal Heating & Air Conditioning are more than happy to discuss your options.