Best Schools in Sun Prairie

Moving to Sun Prairie, WI? This city of just over 30,000 residents is on the radar of major publications, with more and more people discovering its great quality of living, beautiful outdoor opportunities, and big-city amenities. But Sun Prairie is also home to an excellent school district. Take a look at some of the best public elementary, middle, and high schools in the area to help you in your search for the perfect neighborhood.

Horizon Elementary School

This top-rated elementary school has over 550 students in grades PK-5. The majority of students here perform at or above grade level in math (70%) and reading (64%). Horizon has received an overall A grade from, with A’s in academics and teacher quality.

Royal Oak Elementary School

This is another elite elementary school in Sun Prairie. It is recognized by as one of the best public elementary schools in the state of Wisconsin. Over 65% of the students here perform at grade level in reading and math.

Prairie View Middle School

Prairie View is home to high-achieving students and is ranked among the best public middle school in Wisconsin (#55 out of 542, according to The total student population is 520 in grades 6-7. The student/teacher ratio is 12:1. The school has earned an A- from in academics and teacher quality, and a B+ in diversity.

Patrick Marsh Middle School

Patrick Marsh is home to 542 students in grades 6-7. The student/teacher ratio is 14:1. The school has earned an overall B+ rating from, with an A- in teacher quality and B+ in academics and diversity.

Sun Prairie High School

This is the main high school in the Sun Prairie area. It is an A+ school and is one of the best public high schools in all of Wisconsin (#13 out of 454, according to It is also highly ranked in other categories: Best College Prep Public High School in Wisconsin (#23 out of 398) and Best High Schools for STEM in Wisconsin (#36 out of 121). Over a third of the students enroll in AP classes, and 95% of students graduate. Most graduates go on to attend college in the prestigious University of Wisconsin system.

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