Fitchburg Electrical Services

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Fitchburg residents understand the importance of having functioning and stable electrical year round. Without properly functioning electrical, you wouldn’t have access to major appliances you use every day. If you’re tired of paying twice for repairs and installations, call the experts at Cardinal Heating & Air Conditioning.

Fitchburg residents always choose us as their residential electrical company because they know our electrical contractors are always licensed, background-checked and experienced to handle any electrical issue. Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Electrical Wiring Repair and Replacement
  • Dimmer Light Switch Installation
  • Chandelier Installation
  • Ceiling Fans Installation
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Motion Sensor Activated Lighting
  • Whole House Surge Protectors
  • Electrical Safety Inspection
  • And more!

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The Benefits of Home Generators

Protect your home in any situation with a backup generator. It’s easy to imagine what it would be like if your home lost power during a natural disaster or blackout. Your refrigerated food will spoil costing you money and you won’t have access to cooling, heating, and electronics. If you work from home or have medical equipment that needs electricity to function, consider getting a backup generator.

Generators also add value to your home. However, it is important to ensure that your generator is installed by a professional to ensure it is working properly and safely to prevent any harm to your property or family.

Upgrading Your Fuse Box

Many old homes still us fuse boxes. Fuse boxes work by burning out if there is too strong of an electrical current passing through so that you’re protected. However, with modern appliances today and homes using more electronic devices than ever, it may be time to consider an electrical panel upgrade.

We can upgrade your old fuse box to a circuit breaker box. A circuit breaker box has advantages over fuse boxes in that there is no downtime when your circuit breaker trips and you can immediately reset it. If you’re interested in upgrading your box or breaker box repair, speak with an electrician from Cardinal Heating & Air Conditioning.

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Upgrading Your Home’s Outlets

In order to stay up to code and ensure your safety, you may be in need of GFCI outlet installation. GFCI outlets can detect dangerous ground faults and shut off to prevent electrocution. They are installed in rooms where there is a risk of moisture or water such as in laundry rooms, outdoors, and bathrooms.

AFCI outlets work in the same manner to prevent electrical fires. If you’re not sure if you have AFCI and GFCI outlets installed in your home, give us a call. We offer outlet installation and outlet switch repair.

If you’re in need of a reliable and qualified electrical services company in Fitchburg, call Cardinal Heating & Air Conditioning. We perform a variety of electrical services from indoor and outdoor lighting to home rewiring. Call us at 608-470-3876 to schedule your service today.