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Harness the power of the earth to heat your home with geothermal heating. These cutting edge systems use pipes that run under your home, and leverage the temperatures of the actual earth to heat and cool your system. Because of the complexity of geothermal heating systems, having a professional company perform the installations is key. At Cardinal Heating & Air Conditioning we have over 30 years of experience working with heating and cooling systems, and have the know-how to properly install a geothermal system in your home.

How Does Geothermal Heating Work?

Unlike traditional heating systems, which have a heating element inside that manually increases temperatures, geothermal heating uses the warmth beneath the ground to heat your air. How does it do this? With a geothermal heating system, piping is run beneath your home. This piping is called a loop, and is what’s used to heat and cool the air in your home.

Similar to a heat pump, which pulls warm air from outside during the winter time, geothermal heating uses liquid that runs in the piping beneath your property to add heat to the air entering your home. Because the temperature beneath the ground is always constant, it requires less work to heat your air.

This is perfect for homeowners in and around Sun Prairie that know how cold outdoor temperatures can get during the winter season. With a geothermal system installed in the home, you can enjoy energy efficient heating, without the noise of a traditional heating system.

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3 Signs You Need Repair Services

If you already have a geothermal heating system installed in your home, you will need regular maintenance and repairs to keep it working in top shape at all times. Some common signs that there is an issue include:

  • Fluctuating Temperatures: The temperature under your home is always constant, which makes geothermal heating a great choice. If however the air coming into your home is varying in temperature, then you know there is a repair issue in the heat pump itself, which transfers the air.
  • Wet Spots: Geothermal heating uses a liquid that runs in the loops under the home to cool or heat the air. If those loops leak, or are damaged in any way, that liquid will escape, leaving pools of water on your lawn.
  • High Energy Bills: If you have a geothermal heating system, you got it to save money on your electrical costs. If your home utility bills are rising each month, there may be an electrical fault in your system.

Cardinal Heating & Air Conditioning offers qualified geothermal heating repairs that can be used to restore comfort to your home. Our technicians undergo regular training to ensure that we have the skills and know-how to service your system.

Expert Installation from Cardinal Heating & Air Conditioning

If you would like to have a geothermal heating system installed in your home, then you need quality services from Cardinal Heating & Air Conditioning. Our technicians can perform all the work needed for installation, and always use the manufacturer standards to guide our work. We can also keep you system maintained to prevent any future downtime or repair needs.

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