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Enjoy heat from your floors and walls with a radiant heating system. Instead of using air to heat your home, radiant heating uses panels that heat the area directly. This can translate into comfortable warmth, without any risk of air pollutants. At Cardinal Heating & Air Conditioning we are your expert radiant heat contractors. We offer quality installation services that can cover your entire home, or specific areas. Radiant heating is a convenient way to heat your home, and can translate into significant energy savings.

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What Is Radiant Heating?

Radiant heat systems use panels to heat floors, walls, and ceilings in your home. They are generally powered by either electricity, hot air, or hot water, depending on the system you choose for your home. Each one has its own benefits and cost, but the most common are electric and air. Radiant heating is similar to the feeling you get when you have your hands around a fire.

5 Benefits of Radiant Heat Systems

Radiant heating can be a great options for homeowners in and around the Sun Prairie area. Some of the benefits you can enjoy include:

  • Energy Efficiency: Traditional heating systems use a lot of energy because they not only have to heat the air, but then they also have to transport it throughout the home using ductwork. Radiant heating instead uses panels directly under the floorboards, which offer instant heating with no need for ductwork.
  • Convenient Installation: Radiant heating uses panels to heat the specific area. These panels can be installed under floors, behind walls, or above ceilings, and require very little space, making them an easily installed amenity.
  • Even Heating: If you’re home suffers from hot and cold spots, that will be an issue of the past. Radiant heating systems cover an entire area, and offer even heating in whatever room they’re installed in.
  • Improved Health: One of the major issues with traditional heating systems is the use of ductwork. Old or dirty ductwork can transport dust and bacteria, which cause allergies and respiratory issues. With radiant heating, you never have to worry about theses problems, because they do not use induced air to heat your home.
  • Affordability: A great perk of radiant heating is that it’s generally cost effective to install in your home. Without the need for invasive ductwork, radiant heating panels can be purchased and installed by the square foot, making them the perfect choice for home additions.

Cardinal Heating & Air Conditioning can help with all your radiant heating needs. From installing new panels, to radiant heating repairs, our experienced technicians have the know-how to make the process easy and convenient. We also offer affordable rates on new home installations, which makes us a great choice for home renovations and new system installations.

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Radiant heating can help you save and enjoy warm temperatures all year long. Call Cardinal Heating & Air Conditioning at 608-470-3876 for quality installation services today!