Lake Mills Electrical Services

When you need a Lake Mills residential electrician, contact Cardinal Heating & Air Conditioning. Call today to discuss your needs and schedule service in Lake Mills, WI, or the surrounding area.

Cardinal Heating & Air Conditioning is your reliable source in Lake Mills, WI, for your electrical needs. With decades of experience in the industry, our Lake Mills electrical team can handle a wide range of residential electrical services for homeowners throughout the area.

You can trust us for all electrical projects, from indoor lighting services and circuit breaker installation to fuse box replacement. Our electrical company remains dedicated to helping residents have the electricity they need to power their homes.

We’ll work with you to understand your needs and provide customized and cost-effective electrical solutions. Contact us for fast, clean, and professional installations, repairs, and maintenance.

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Electrical Outlet Repair and Installation

Have you noticed sparking, unusual sounds, or acrid smells coming from your outlets? If so, you may need an electrical outlet repair or replacement.

If our team inspects your outlets and discovers you have outdated or damaged ones, we can install new ones for you. We offer various electrical outlet installation options, including:

  • GFCI outlet installation: Protects you from electrical shock, especially in areas where water is present.
  • AFCI outlet installation: Prevents fires caused by electrical arcing.
  • USB wall outlet installation: Allows you to charge devices without an adapter

We also offer fuse replacement, electrical circuit breaker replacement, electrical panel replacement, and GFCI receptacle installation.

Not sure which type of outlet will work for you? We can help. Our Lake Mills electrical team can recommend the right option for your home.

Common Electrical Repairs and Services

Electrical issues come in all shapes and sizes, but some are more common than others. Common electrical problems you may encounter that warrant electrical repair service include:

  • Dimming, flickering, or buzzing lights
  • Frequent circuit breaker trips
  • Buzzing or broken-down light switch
  • Dead outlets
  • The plug feels hot or causes a shock/tingling feeling when touched
  • High electric bill
  • Old or damaged wiring

Why Your Lake Mills Home Needs a Breaker Panel Upgrade

Your home may seem perfectly capable of handling all your electrical needs. However, an outdated electrical service panel will cost you more time, money, and stress than a new one. Signs to consider an electrical panel upgrade include:

  • Your home still has a fuse box.
  • The breaker trips frequently.
  • Lights frequently flicker or dim.
  • The panel is warm (a sign of overloading).
  • A burning smell comes from the panel.
  • Your appliances don’t run at full capacity.

Contact us to schedule a service panel upgrade if you notice any of these signs.

We take the stress out of electrical panel upgrades. Contact us to learn more about our flexible financing plans.

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