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Madison residents understand the need for reliable heating and cooling services. Because Madison residents experience warm summers and frigid winters, it is vital to always have your home’s heating and cooling systems working at their best and most efficient to ensure that you are always comfortable in your home.

At Cardinal Heating & Air Conditioning, we guarantee your experience with us will always be a pleasant one. We have been voted the Best Heating and Cooling company in Sun Prairie for 5 years straight and are ready to serve you. Here are just a few of the services we offer:

  • Furnace Repair & Maintenance
  • Furnace Installation
  • AC Installation
  • AC Repair & Maintenance
  • Thermostat Repair
  • Heater Installation & Maintenance

With Cardinal, you never have to be concerned about being able to afford your HVAC services. Visit our coupons page to save more on our services.

Why Maintenance of Your Heating System is Important

Heating systems may be easy to maintain but it’s important to always keep your heating system working at its best so that you’re never left out in the cold. Regular maintenance can keep your system running efficiently and prevent any future malfunctions that can be costly.

Supplementing scheduled furnace tune-ups and maintenance from us with DIY maintenance can keep your system running at its best.  However, if you haven’t scheduled your annual tune-up, are hearing strange noises from your furnace, or are experiencing strange smells coming from your furnace system, call the experts at Cardinal Heating & Air Conditioning to have expert heating and air conditioning contractors come out to your home. DIY heating repair or heating replacement can void your HVAC warranty and can also be dangerous so leave the hard work to us!

Is it Time to Replace Your AC System?

Many heating and cooling companies may try to push you to replace your AC system before it may be time. At Cardinal Heating & Air Conditioning, we come out to your home to conduct an inspection and decide if you’re in need of air conditioning replacement and air conditioning installation or repair. Here are some signs to look for when considering whether your AC needs repair or replacement.

  • Your AC is old - If your system is older than 10 years and you have been experiencing frequent problems, it may be time to replace your system.
  • Your AC is inefficient - If you notice your energy costs are rising, it may save you money to replace your system.
  • Frequent breakdowns - frequent malfunctions may be a sign of a bigger problem, call the experts to decide if it is time to replace your AC.

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From furnace replacement to AC replacement, the expert technicians at Cardinal Heating & Air Conditioning in Madison, WI have the tools and know-how to complete your repair, maintenance or installation in a professional and mess-free manner. Call today at 608-470-3876 to discuss your heating and cooling needs today.