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Effective whole home water filtration services in Sun Prairie

You may not be able to see it but without the use of a whole home water filtration system what comes out of your faucets is full of minerals. If you have noticed that any kind of soap product doesn’t want to lather up as it should, laundry has a dingy tint to it, dishes have spots, water doesn’t taste as good or your coffee maker has developed scaled deposits, you can blame these problems on the contaminants in your water supply.

Not only does this pose a risk for your plumbing, but also it can affect your health as well. Cardinal Heating & Air Conditioning offers quality water filtration solutions including point of use and whole home systems.

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4 Filtration System Options for Your Home

There are several types of water filtration systems on the market that help solve water issues and following are four of the most popular:

  • Reverse Osmosis: Using a type of membrane that catches larger impurities like minerals, a reverse osmosis filter can move plenty of contaminants from your water supply. Although it takes out good minerals as well, these healthy additives are restored at the end of the process.
  • Carbon Filtering: With this method activated carbon is used to filter away impurities via chemical absorption. This is a good option for a whole home water filtration system and maintenance is less of a bother because the carbon filters generally lasts longer than traditional filters.
  • Point of Use Filters: These uncomplicated, easy to use filters are meant to augment all types of water filtration systems. No more worries about purchased bottled water, and what could be in it because these filters connect directly to your incoming water line. Most of them should have a “ready to use” indicator light, and a safety lock for hot water to keep children safe.
  • Whole Home Filtration Systems: As far as a home water filtration system goes, this is probably the best idea. Quality systems will have a head made from non-corrosive stainless steel to give you many years of trouble free water filtration. These systems are installed on the main water line entering your home, and helps to clean the vast majority of the water you use.

The bottom line is that water filtration systems come in many shapes and sizes. What’s important, is using a qualified plumbing contractor to perform the installations in your home. At Cardinal Heating & Air Conditioning we can help you choose the right filter for your home, install it, and then maintain it to keep you and your family safe.

5 Benefits of Whole Home Water Filtration

Adding a water filtration system to your home may require some initial investment, but in the long run it can provide plenty of benefits including:

  • Improved drinking water
  • Less risk of plumbing concerns
  • Money savings
  • Longer lasting appliance life
  • No need for bottled water

If you’re ready to have a system installed in your home, look no further than Cardinal Heating & Air Conditioning. Our plumbing experts are here to help, and we always make your home our priority.

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