Summer cookouts

Elevate Your Summer Cookouts With the Perfect Backyard Ambiance!

Get Your Backyard Ready for Summer Fun!

Wisconsin summers are full of warm days and pleasant nights - perfect for relaxing in the backyard, grilling up a feast for family and friends, and sipping lemonade out on the porch. So as the sun goes down and fireflies come out, it would be a shame for the party to end just because no one can see where they’re going!

Fortunately, with the proper lighting, one can transform any backyard into a party paradise - one where no one trips in the dark and loses their hamburger or hot dog. Finding the right lighting setup isn’t always easy, however, so here are a few easy suggestions for creating the perfect resort-style atmosphere in the backyard without breaking the bank.

Illuminate the Night With Flood Lightsflood lights

The first outdoor lighting idea is more of a practical solution than an aesthetic one. A common problem that homeowners face is not having adequate light in their backyards. Sure, just about every home has one or more lantern lights or sconces on their back porch or patio, but these only spread light so far - leaving the majority of the yard in a dead zone.

So after the sun sets, grilling, playing, or even taking the garbage out can be difficult - if not a little unnerving. Floodlights mounted in strategic locations can shine plenty of light on an otherwise dark patch of the yard. Many floodlights have optional motion sensors, so they can turn on any time someone walks through their range - a handy feature not just for convenience but also for home security.

Accentuate the Yard’s Beauty With Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is great both for improving safety and showing off the yard’s best features. Installing ornate lamp posts along common pathways may work well in some very large yards, but the miniature version is more appropriate for most homeowners. Adding a line of small, tasteful pathway lights along the edges of a footpath or garden can lend both safety and charm to any yard.

Discreet, carefully placed spotlights or wall lights can highlight trees, shrubs, statues, or portions of the home’s architecture. This can bring out the color and lend a sense of depth to the yard even after night has fallen. If installed correctly, these fixtures will hardly be noticeable in the daytime but turn heads at night.


Brighten Up the Back Porch With String Lights

Backyard string lighting is a popular option for livening things up outside, partially because it’s affordable and partially because it makes for a festive yet elegant atmosphere. They’re also extremely versatile. One can drape them around the porch or patio, wrapped around columns, or woven through tree branches. They can provide light just for the back deck or the entire backyard.

They also provide a warm and soft lighting profile, which is easy on the eyes and doesn’t create hard shadows. Outdoor string lights are available in many styles, from modern LED bulbs to vintage filament bulbs to Chinese paper lanterns. No matter the style or configuration, every backyard gathering will be a shining success with the right lighting!

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