Ways to Protect the Home From Dangerous Power Surges

How a Whole House Surge Protector Shields the Home

Most people think of a power surge as coming from a lightning strike. And while this can be the cause, it’s not what homeowners should be worried about. Power surges often come through the power lines and travel through the house, destroying electronics as they go. The causes can range from a downed power line, fluctuating electrical demand on the local grid, faulty or old wiring, and even the cycling of appliances inside the house. These causes, plus the cost of not having surge protection for the whole house, are why one should prepare every home with a whole-home surge protector.

What Power Surges Can Do

dangers of power surgesPower surges can wreak havoc on a home’s electronics. And in an age where homes seem to accumulate more gadgets every year, the cost of not having protection increases all the time. A strong enough power surge can travel through the house faster than a heartbeat, frying all the expensive appliances plugged into the walls. This includes refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, computers, televisions, gaming systems, and even the HVAC system.

Not only do homeowners need to consider the cost of replacing all those appliances, but also the cost of losing things that aren’t replaceable. Things like family photos, business records, videos, or anything else stored on local computers can be gone instantly. While cloud storage can help, many homeowners underestimate how much information they have stored on the hard drive of their computers.

Whole House Surge Protector Benefits

surge protectors Luckily, installing a whole house surge protector can prevent a power surge from wreaking havoc on the home’s electronics. These surge protectors are wired directly into the home’s electrical system, acting as a filter that keeps the surge from moving through the house. Doing this protects the sensitive circuitry in the home’s appliances.

Whole house surge protectors can also guard against surges inside the home. These are short transient surges caused when home appliances like HVAC systems turn on and off. These kinds of surges won’t cause damage immediately, but they can cause premature wear on electrical devices, causing them to need replacing sooner than they otherwise would.

Signs an Old Surge Protector Needs Replacing

Whole-house surge protectors aren’t expensive and are easily installed by a professional electrical technician. With this in mind, homeowners should replace their whole home surge protector every two to five years to stay protected. Given the low cost of these protectors, whole home surge protector replacement is a small investment compared to replacing all the appliances.

However, one should sometimes replace an old surge protector earlier than the two-to-five-year window. If there have been recent power surges or outages in the area, replacing the whole house surge protector is a good idea. Likewise, if the house has been struck by lightning or there has been significant construction in the area. Those who aren’t sure whether they need whole home surge protection repair should call a local electrician to discuss their options!

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