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What Is AC Rejuvenation?

Ductless AC Unit

AC Rejuvenation Explained

Every home that has an HVAC unit needs to know the importance of AC “rejuvenation.” Just what is this newfangled term? Simply put, it means keeping the AC working, up to date, and humming along. Even though homeowners tend to use their ACs without giving it a second thought, these units take routine TLC to keep them working at top performance. If ignored for too long, they might end up with problems that need major fixes instead of simple DIY tricks for maintenance and upkeep. For the most part, as long as the AC is treated well, it will work for years without complaint.

AC Filter Replacement ScheduleDuctless AC Filter

Most people might not know that their HVAC system has a filter inside. This filter is there to clean and purify the air that flows through the home. Each time air circulates through the home, it is forced through the HVAC unit. When this occurs, the air is pushed through the filter and dust, dirt, pet dander, and common allergy-causing airborne contaminants are removed from the air.

These HVAC filters aren’t meant to stay in the unit indefinitely, however. Most of them are meant to be replaced every month or two. This is because a filter can only remove so much debris from the air before the filter eventually becomes clogged up with particles. When filters get replaced regularly, it keeps the air flowing through the system at optimal conditions. If filters aren’t replaced, the AC unit will have to work much harder to push air through the filter. This is not good for the unit; it will also take more energy to work and increase the power bill.

How Can Routine Duct Cleaning Help?

Air Duct Vent

All the air that flows through the HVAC system does so through the ducts in the home. Since the ducts do not have filters, there is usually a certain degree of dirt, dander, and debris built up in the ductwork and around the grate where the air enters. To keep the AC working well, the ductwork and the grates must stay as clean as possible.

Homeowners can do their part by regularly cleaning off the intake grates. Over time, they might notice a buildup of pet fur, dirt, and dust. All they need to do is take a damp cloth and pass it over the grate to pick up and remove all the debris. To clean the ductwork, on the other hand, is a job for the professionals.

Beneficial AC ServicesTechnician Working on Ductless AC Unit

In addition to the homeowner DIY to-dos listed above, ACs should also be routinely serviced to keep them working well. AC services include things such as:

  • Tune-Ups: This is where HVAC technicians will come and inspect the unit, ensure there are no issues, and pinpoint potential problem areas. They’ll also inform clients about routine updates that might be coming up.
  • HVAC Service: This includes inspecting the heating and the cooling side of the unit. Techs will ensure the unit is running well and working properly for both.

During services, the technician will clean the condenser, run checks to make sure the unit is functioning properly, and check on repair and maintenance issues. Duct cleaning can also be included if desired.

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