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You Can Employ a Plumber For Small Jobs, But Should You?

You Can Hire a Plumber For More Than Emergencies

You can actually avoid most major plumbing emergencies by trusting a reputable plumber with all of your plumbing needs. Attempting installations, repairs, and maintenance by yourself may seem like a good idea, but when your attempts go wrong and you ultimately end up calling the plumber to replace ruined plumbing systems, you will wish that you called them in the first place.

Trying to do plumbing repairs yourself can even be dangerous. Installation and repairs can require special tools that should only be handled by professionals. You can also easily break a water line in your home trying to do plumbing repairs yourself, and this can have detrimental effects on your home. To avoid the risk of property damage, wasted time, and wasted money, trust a plumber for more than just emergencies, and call them for the small jobs too.

How to Fix a Leaking Faucet

leaking faucetEven the best quality kitchen, bathroom, and bar faucets can become leaky over time. Aging parts can malfunction and cause leaks to spring. However the leak is started, the most important thing is to repair it right away before the water can cause damage to your home.

The leak can equal up to hundreds or thousands of dollars wasted per year if it isn’t repaired, and eventually the entire faucet, sink, and cabinet may need to be replaced.

A professional plumber will pinpoint the leak with accuracy and replace or repair the parts appropriately to ensure the leak will not start back up again.

Shower-Head Replacements

Leaving shower-head replacements up to a plumbing professional is usually a good idea. Shower-heads need to be secured very tightly to the water source to prevent leaks and breaks. If the shower-head breaks from an improper DIY installation it can permanently damage the components as well as being dangerous.

shower head replacements

Doing such a thing could be causing spraying water, burns from water and the shower-head itself could come flying off. A professional plumber will know the exact parts needed and how to install them properly for a safe and long-lasting shower-head installation or replacement.

Garbage Disposal Repair is Especially Dangerous

garbage disposal repairGarbage disposals usually work by having sharp blades on the inside which chop up garbage and food for flushing down the drain. If the garbage disposal isn’t working correctly or is clogged you may hear strange noises coming from it or it won’t perform as usual.

The safest way to repair a garbage disposal is to not attempt it yourself. A professional plumber will know how to cut off the power supply to the garbage disposal so that there is no chance of it being activating accidentally and injuring the person working on the repair.

Even if you think you have installed the garbage disposal correctly, if the unprofessional installation gives out, it can cause safety issues down the line as well as the risk of damaging your kitchen hardware.

Trust a Local Plumber

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