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At Cardinal Heating & Air Conditioning, we understand how important it is to have your home’s heating and cooling systems working properly year round. Inspection and maintenance performed by a professional will ensure that you aren’t left out in the cold during the cold Verona winters. Don’t wait until it is already cold outside to repair your system, call us today to make sure your AC and heating system is working at it’s best!

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Does my Heating System Need to be Replaced?

Waiting until it’s too late to repair or replace your home’s heating system can leave you out in the cold. Luckily, at Cardinal Heating & Air Conditioning, we provide a full range of services from furnace tune ups and maintenance to furnace installation. Before we recommend any heating repair or furnace replacement we will conduct an inspection to determine what services you’re in need of.

Before winter comes, it is important for you to decide whether to replace or repair. There are many heating and air conditioning contractors that will claim you need a replacement when you may only need a repair. Here are some things to consider when deciding whether your system needs to be replaced or repaired.

  • Your furnace is emitting carbon monoxide - If your furnace has a yellow flame instead of blue, rusting on pipes, or you’re experiencing light-headedness or nausea near your furnace, it is definitely time to call the experts! You may have a dangerous leak that can threaten your well-being.
  • Your furnace was installed more than 15 years ago - Even the best furnace systems don’t last forever. If your furnace is on its last leg, it may be time to consider replacement.
  • Your furnace is less effective - If your furnace isn’t warming your home as well as it used to, it may be time to replace for the sake of your comfort.

If your system is less than 15 years old and the cost of repairs isn’t higher than 50% of the replacement cost, repair is the best route. However, if your system is already old, the cost of replacing may be less than frequent repairs to a system that is likely to fail soon.

Do I need a New AC Unit or Just a Repair?

AC tune ups and maintenance are important to keep your home’s cooling system running at its most efficient. We provide reliable AC repair, AC replacement, and air conditioning installation. Although AC systems are an expensive investment, they are not made to last longer that 10-15 years.

Ideally, your AC system should be working at its most efficient while keeping you comfortable in your home. If you notice a decline in the performance of your system, here are some things to consider before calling us. If your AC system is older than 10-15 years, is producing excessive noise or dust, and your energy bills are unexpectedly high, it may be time to consider air conditioning replacement.

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We know you have a huge variety of heating and cooling companies to choose from which is why we’re always honored when you choose Cardinal Heating & Air Conditioning in Verona, WI for your heating and cooling needs. If you’re in need of heater tune up and maintenance, heating replacement, furnace repair, or AC repair, replacement and installation, we will handle the job for you in a fast and professional manner.

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