Essential Electrical Hazards to Avoid

Electricity has literally changed the way that our world functions and has revolutionized nearly every part of our lives. Although we use it every single day of our lives, most of us are still unaware and take for granted the dangers that electricity can present.

Simply abstaining from doing your own home electricity projects can reduce your risk, and today we’ll talk about other common Wisconsin electrical hazards to avoid as well.

How Not To Make Yourself Part of The Electric Circuit

electriccircuitMany people don’t know that the human body can actually conduct electricity. This is part of the reason that we can feel that “shock,” even with just the smallest contact with an electrical outlet.

However, electrocution (even more “minor” forms) can still be extremely dangerous. Due to the fact that our very cells were designed to move along electrical impulses, it is essential that you not allow any of your bare skin to touch a live electrical outlet.

Make sure to wear protective gear, including non-conductive gloves and rubber-soled shoes, and work on a rubber mat if you must do any DIY work. However, the easiest way to avoid this electrical hazard is to hire a trained professional electrician from right here in Herndon.

What is an Electrical Burn?

electricalburnOne of the most common injuries resulting from an electrical hazard is the electrical burn. Electrical burns occur when the electricity comes into direct contact with your skin.

If this happens, even if it seems minor and you didn’t notice a larger “shock,” make sure to seek immediate medical care. If you have more severe symptoms - difficulty breathing, abnormal heart rhythm, or confusion - call 911 instead of attempting to drive yourself.

In either situation, apply a clean gauze or bandage over the burn to reduce the risk of infection. Severe electrical burns can result in death in minutes, so make sure to take this electrical hazard very seriously and don’t waste any time getting medical attention.

Unplug Your Appliances!

unplugThe easiest way to reduce or even stop electrical hazards from occurring in your home (other than hiring a professional instead of attempting to do it yourself) is by unplugging all non-essential appliances when they are not in use.

In addition to reducing your risk, it also significantly minimizes the potential for fires in the home. Even when the unit is not in use (a good example here is a window air conditioner unit), electricity continues to run through it which causes it to heat up.

Unplugging your appliances can also help you to save a significant amount of money on your electricity bill every month - win/win! So, when working with electricity, make sure that you are extremely careful and use the above tips to reduce your risk of any potential electrical hazard.

If you have noticed any electrical issues, or if you just want a professional to walk through and evaluate your home for safety risks, give us a call at (608) 837-9367. Our trained, professional plumbing and HVAC certified staff here at Cardinal Heating & Air Conditioning are always ready to lend a hand.