Feeling The Heat of The Moment This Valentine’s Day?

Valentine's Day can be the hottest holiday of the year, even if the temperature outside disagrees. You could be feeling one of two kinds of heat this Valentine's Day- heat from the fires of love as you spend the evening with someone special, or that heat that rises to your face and makes your cheeks red after having a few glasses of wine alone on your couch.

No judgment, we've all had Valentine's Days like that. What we're trying to say is that whichever type of heat you feel this Valentine's Day, Cardinal Heating is here to make sure to take care of your central HVAC system, and keep you feeling comfortable all day and all night.

Central HVAC is The Way to Go!

If you're trying to keep things cool and breezy this Valentine's Day, but you still want to be warm and cozy tomorrow morning, then Central HVAC is what you need.

At this time of year, the winter is starting to fall away, and spring is getting ready to...well, spring forth. That means varying temperatures every day! The best way to deal with that is to centralize your HVAC systems.


There are two reasons why:

  1. It’s a lot more convenient to change the temperature on one single thermostat than to have to go room to room adjusting the temperature in each room.
  2. Individual HVAC units don’t keep rooms evenly heated or cooled as a central HVAC would.

Get Cozy With These Heating Services

heatingservicesIf you’re single this Valentine’s Day, you could be feeling a little chilly (or maybe even darn right cold) on February 14th.

Maybe you’re a little bitter about not having a Valentine, or maybe you’ve got the wrong Valentine this year.

Either way, when that cold, lonely feeling sinks in, Cardinal Heating is here to keep you cozy with a range of heating services. You don’t need anyone else to keep you warm, on Valentine’s Day or any other day, for that matter!

Show Your Appreciation by Changing Your AC Filter

acfilterHere’s an idea probably no one has ever thought of: why not show your AC system how much you love it this Valentine’s Day? I know it may sound a little weird, but think about how much your AC system does for you.

IT keeps you cool during the summer and makes sure you are always comfortable. It also keeps your air quality up by filtering out things like dust, pollen, dander, and other allergens.

It’s not easy to do all of that, and the best way to show your AC unit that you appreciate it is to make its job a little easier by changing the AC filter every 30-90 days.

So whether this Valentine’s Day is hot, hot hot, or a little chilly, make it the most comfortable day of the year, this year! Beyond any humor, we want you to know that we are here to serve you, and we wish you a lovely Valentine’s Day! Call Cardinal Heating today at 608-470-3876 to speak with a highly trained HVAC contractor in Sun Prairie, WI.