Is Central AC Really Better Than a Window Unit?

Many people consider central AC to be vastly superior to ductless units that can be installed to fit onto a window, but this may not always be the case in every situation. In order to truly decide what type of air conditioning unit is best for you and your home, you have to take a look at the pros and cons of each side.

So let's take a moment to look at both types of units from every angle and figure out if central air cooling installation really is a better option.

What’s The Deal With Central AC?

In many ways, central AC is the most convenient option when it comes to cooling your home. With the touch of a simple button on your thermostat, you can control the temperature throughout your house.

Here are a few more benefits associated with central air cooling:


  • Central units circulate air better than ductless units do, cooling entire rooms evenly.
  • Central units automatically dehumidify the air entering your home, so you don’t have to waste money and floor space with a separate dehumidifier.
  • Central units are proven to remove more airborne allergens like dust and pollen than window units, making for better air quality.

The only real complaint most people have against central cooling is the cost. Yes, central AC has a higher initial price than ductless window units because the installation process is more complicated and requires a professional technician, but the benefits of central cooling far outweigh that cost.

What Makes Window Units so Great?

As convenient as central cooling is, window units have their benefits as well. For example:


  • - Window units cost less to install. The installation of a ductless system is so easy that most homeowners can install it themselves, saving on contractor installation fees.
  • - Window units are more eco-friendly. Individually cooling each room in your home gives you the option to turn off the ac in rooms you're not occupying.
  • - Window units can save money on your monthly electric bill. By turning off the unit in your living room at night while you’re sleeping in your bedroom, you can save hundreds of dollars!

Of course, the disadvantages of window units are lower air quality and a need for a separate dehumidifier in each room to prevent moisture from getting into your walls and floor. There is also a certain level of inconvenience that comes with having to turn each unit off and on individually as you need to. It is also inconvenient that window units usually don't cool a room evenly, so while the area by the window may be cold, the far corner may still be hot.

How to Choose The Right Type of Unit For Your Home

“chooseright”The biggest argument against central AC is that the cost is drastically higher than window units, but the combined costs of the several ductless units it would take to cool your home with the effectiveness of a central unit is not far from the cost of one central unit!

Because of the higher air quality and convenience of the central AC system, there really is no comparison. If you have the opportunity to have a central cooling unit installed, it is definitely worth the investment in the long run.