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Do You Know How Spring Plumbing Services Prevent Disasters?

Plumbing Services for the Spring

When “springing” into the new season, it is time to talk about plumbing issues that arise in the springtime. Many people do not know that spring is a common time for certain plumbing issues. Increased rainfall in the spring is a big reason for the increased need for plumbing services.

Pressure on the pipes from all of the water falling from rainstorms can cause pipes to burst or leak, and fixing them is a job for an expert. That is just one example of a spring specific plumbing problem that can happen. For more information on how to take care of plumbing services in the spring and common plumbing issues in the spring, keep reading.

How to Fix Leaking Pipes

leaking pipesDuring the spring, pipe leaks become more common. Water pressure in the soil can cause the pipes to literally crack under the pressure. As plants grow in the spring their roots can also penetrate into the plumbing and cause cracks and leaks.

Fixing a leak may be simple, which is why regular maintenance is required to stay on top of leaks. If maintenance is not done on the plumbing a leak can go unnoticed until it has caused significant amounts of water damage already.

Professional plumbers go about fixing a leak by using plumbers putty or tape to first try to patch the leak. Sometimes the leak can be caused in the spring by the land around the pipes shifting around. If the ground is too wet, the pipes can shift and this causes leaks around the connections.

Fixing leaking pipes is best left up to a professional plumber because at-home repairs can often lead to a burst pipe which is dangerous and costly in terms of the water damage they can cause.

Flooding Is Common in the Spring


Flooding can occur more often in the home during the spring months. The main cause for the increased chance of flooding is how much more it rains during the spring months in particular in April. If flooding and water pressure problems are common for a house, it may be recommended to install a sump collector and use a sump pump.

A sump pump works by pumping water out of the house in the case of a flood. A sump pit works by giving the water runoff from heavy rainfall somewhere to go so that it does not have a negative impact on the pipes and plumbing system. Using a sump pump helps to keep the basement dry and keep water from gathering under the house.

Fixing Your Clogged Drains

clogged drainsClogged drains can occur more often in the spring especially due to heavy rainfall, runoff, and shifts in the dirt. If the drains are clogged often it could indicate that there is a bigger problem.

Some drains can be handled at home, but for the best results and to prevent future clogs a professional plumber should be consulted.

The professionals can clean out clogged drains effectively. One drain cleaning service that can only be done by a professional is hydrojetting services which involve using high-pressure water to clean out the insides of the plumbing and remove blockages with force.

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In addition to best-class plumbing services, Cardinal Heating & Air Conditioning also provides HVAC, air conditioning, and heating services. They have technicians for all kinds of home care that are trained in installation, maintenance, and repair services. Cardinal Heating & Air Conditioning is proud to serve the Sun Prairie, WI community with affordable and expert plumbing and home care services.

Green plumbing eco friendly

Green Plumbing at Home: The Benefits of Being Eco-Friendly

The Benefits of Eco-Friendly Plumbing   

Mother nature works better when the scales are balanced. The last 100 or so years have tipped the scales, and now the environment in a crisis. Over-consumption of natural resources, pollution, and the wasteful mentality of society have placed an enormous burden on the earth.

It’s a good thing that people are finally trying to put a stop to this travesty. There are easy ways that you can help. You’ve seen “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” everywhere, but what does that truly mean?

It means conserving water so that less sewerage and runoff ends up in the ocean. It means choosing to use sustainable materials, things that last. It means starting to choose non-toxic products for use in your home. Read on for more information on how to be more eco-friendly when it comes to plumbing.

The Material in Water Pipes Can be Earth Friendly

water pipesNowadays, the material used for plumbing is much safer for people and the environment. You don’t want to be worried about the old materials that used to be used poisoning you along with the earth.

There are some really great options in the current day and age to choose from when it comes to your health and being earth conscious. The best material in the market to use right now is PEX piping and brass fixtures.

It is a flexible and surprisingly durable plastic. It also reduces energy waste because it doesn’t lose heat like the pipes of the past. Another couple of choices for your pipelines are copper and cast-iron piping.

Copper is natural, and low levels of it are actually good for the earth. Cast iron is durable and nearly indestructible. They are both part of highly recyclable materials and don’t require the use of toxic glues. 

Bathroom Plumbing Procedures to Save Water

Not only are the pipes in your home something you can replace to help preserve the environment, but you can also change your bathroom fixtures too! Your faucets, showerhead, and even your toilet can be instruments for your use in conserving water. Envision all the money you can save in the process too!

You can replace the showerhead and faucets in your humble commode room with low-flow fixtures. These are designed to curtail the flow of H2O in order to be more water-efficient.

bathroom plumbing

New showerheads along with faucets can also minimize the use of energy used in heating your water, that’s a win-win for your pockets and mother nature. These options won’t even have you giving up those luxurious heat-filled showers; you can’t even tell the difference!

The throne is another fixture in the bathroom that can be instrumental in conserving water! There are HETs (high-efficiency toilets) that have a rate of 1.28 gallons per flush. They are the top in the business when it comes to water-saving commodes. Start taking advantage of the newest technology and save yourself in the long run.

Wasted Water Potential With Outdoor Plumbing

outdoor plumbingNow it’s time to talk about something you probably don’t think about much. This is something that isn’t viewed as urgent as, say, a leak in your kitchen. Outdoor plumbing leaks could be causing as much a 6,300 wasted gallons of precious water per day.

That is a monumental amount of water loss! If you have an outdoor irrigation system that requires repair, or a hose spigot that is spurting, check them out and get them fixed as soon as possible! Hoses can be a real problem too.

If you notice a leak, replace or at least use some good plumber’s tape to repair it, these are basic plumbing tips. Not only is this depleting natural water resources at an alarmingly fast rate, but it’s also eating a hole in your pockets.

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