Green Energy

The "Green" Energy Questions Homeowners Have

Learn About Green Energy, Just in Time for St. Patrick's Day!

St. Patrick's Day is a fun and traditional holiday filled with vibrant green colors and pinching. Homeowners ready to celebrate this big day should be just as excited to participate in 'green' appliances, renewable energy, green and clean energy, and alternative energy sources!

The 'green' that residents can earn on this holiday is money! What homeowner doesn't want to conserve energy and save money on their home? Instead of pinching families, homeowners will be pinching their savings in excitement.

What Are Common Types of Renewable Energy?renewable energy

Renewable energy sources are becoming more popular, and it is understandable why! They can save homeowners hundreds of dollars each year and are a long-term investment worth the risk.

Green energy comes in many forms, including solar, wind, hydroelectric, and geothermal. However, the most commonly used sustainable energy sources are solar, wind, and hydroelectric.

Solar energy works by charging a small or large battery with the sunlight. This energy is clean and can be stored for long periods. It is still being researched and developed today, but residents will be an improvement with each year! 

Wind energy utilizes wind turbines. This is only suitable for residents living in windy states and cities. The wind pushes the turbines, which then power a generator that one can use to power even more things! Hydroelectric energy is just as interesting since it uses the rush of water to push motors to create an energy source!

benefitsWhat Are the Benefits of Green and Clean Energy?

There are so many benefits to using green and clean energy that, surprisingly, not all homeowners are taking advantage of this clean energy! For example, there are monetary incentives. The government in some states will provide funding to families looking to use solar or wind energy in their homes.

Also, since the electricity comes from sustainable and natural resources, the cost is really low! Homeowners don't have to be afraid of large energy bills. Instead, one can likely cut the bills in half!

What Is the Best Kind of Alternative Energy?

Usually, residents use solar energy! However, it is important to understand that every family and household is different. Not everyone lives in a sunny area with enough warmth and sunlight to power a solar-powered battery.

Solar power is better for those living in warm states and cities where sunshine beats the cloudy overcast sky! Wind power is best in areas with more wind. These tend to be the midwestern states! The hard thing about wind power is how large the turbines have to work. It takes more energy and installation to make this type of energy plausible. There are also more states and research that uses solar energy.

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