For The Unlucky Ones Who’ve Experienced Bad Toilet Etiquette

Poor, unlucky friends- we at Cardinal Heating feel for you. We know your St. Patrick’s Day celebration was hindered by a terrible bathroom experience. That’s why we are putting out this information to let you, and everyone else, know that you can change your luck with public bathrooms by improving your toilet etiquette.

Not only does proper toilet etiquette improve your overall bathroom experience, but it can also prevent you from experiencing a plumbing disaster. Let’s look into some practical ways that you can improve your toilet etiquette today!

Maintaining a Clean Toilet

toiletcleaningThe simplest way to ensure you are using good toilet etiquette is to flush the toilet every time you use it and to wipe the seat down when you are done.

These two things are especially important in the context of public bathrooms. One way we've found to help us remember these important courtesies is with this fun little rhyme:

Even if you’re in a rush,
Please remember we all must flush.
And if you have a little leak,
Please be neat and wipe the seat.

Did we get that rhyme from an elementary school bathroom? Yes, we did. Has it stayed with us through the years and taught us a valuable lesson? Yes, it has! Now we hope it will stay with you as well.

Do You Need Repiping?

disposingNot only can toilet etiquette save you from encountering a dirty toilet in a public bathroom, but it can also help you prevent damage to your own toilet and piping system at home.

What some people don't realize is that if they are not careful about what they are flushing down their toilet, they could end up clogging it.

A clogged toilet may not sound like a serious situation, but in the case of more severe clogs, it could lead to extensive pipe damage and potentially thousands of dollars in repairs or repiping.

The only items that should ever be flushed down your toilet are solid and liquid human waste and toilet paper (in reasonable amounts, as an excess of toilet paper being clogged at once can also cause a clog).

You Can Prevent a Plumbing Emergency

plumbingemergencyWe understand, friends, that you may slip up and forget to flush the toilet once in a while, or you may accidentally drop something into the toilet that you shouldn't have.

You may even overindulge on a day like St. Patrick's Day and forget to aim for the toilet. When we are not careful about our toilet etiquette, it can lead to bigger problems and even a plumbing emergency.

So, don’t be bitter about the bad experience you had in a public (or maybe even a home) bathroom. We all make mistakes now and then. Just remember in the future to #keepyouraim, clean up after yourself, and always flush (but keep in mind that somethings shouldn’t be flushed away)! Don’t forget that if you find that you have a plumbing emergency in the Sun Prairie, WI area, you can always call Cardinal Heating at (608) 837-9367!